Cold Brew

We brew tea by the 'cold brew' method. Beautiful coarse tea from Sri Lanka and Rooibos leaves from South Africa (officially it can't be called tea) are been extracted for 24 hours in cold water. The result is a soft and flavorful tea. We only add cane sugar and a little lemon juice.

Serve the ICE TEA cold in a glass with ice and a slice of lemon or lime.

Our tea

The tea we use for our 'cold brew' ice tea and syrup we get directly from Sri Lanka. The Rooibos leaves are from South Africa.

Tea and rooibos we extract in cold water. By using cold water we heave a less bitter taste in our ice tea. By extracting for a long time (24 hours !!) the ice tea still has a full tea flavor. Current flavors are green tea, dark Ceylon and rooibos.

Ice tea

Dark Ceylon




Serve ICE TEA cold in a glass with ice and a slice of lemon or lime.
Our tea is beside ready also available as a syrup. Mix the syrup 1 to 6 (this ratio we like best but you decide offcourse yourself) with cold (sparkling) water for a delicious ice tea. Besides that you can use our syrup to make ICE TEA, you can also use it in desserts or pastries.

Where to buy?

The Tea Brewery Ice Tea has recently become available in the larger Albert Heijn's or and in Belgium

Delhaize in Belgium has our Cold Brew Ice Tea Syrup for sale.


If you have questions about The Tea Brewery please send an email using the form below or call: +31135110365